Deel’s Rise to Success: Their Payroll Solutions for Global Teams

As startups and small businesses expand globally, payroll and compliance become increasingly complex. Deel, founded in 2018 and headquartered in San Francisco, offers an innovative solution. With over 2,200 employees as of 2023, Deel simplifies hiring and payments for companies engaging international employees and contractors. Their platform handles everything from onboarding to payouts, removing the headaches of payroll and compliance across borders. For rapidly growing companies, Deel provides a critical service enabling the management of global teams.

What Is Deel?

Deel is a global payroll and compliance service that provides an all-in-one solution for hiring and paying international employees and contractors. Founded in 2018, Deel handles everything from onboarding to payroll, benefits, and compliance for companies with remote global teams.

A Simple Solution for Complex Needs

Deel simplifies the hiring process across borders by eliminating barriers like setting up local entities and staying on top of varying regulations. Companies can onboard and pay teams in over 150 countries with just a few clicks using Deel’s automated platform.

Local Compliance Expertise

Deel handles local payroll, benefits, and compliance in every country they operate in. Their team consists of experts with in-depth knowledge of local labor laws and regulations. Deel ensures companies remain compliant even as regulations change.

Fast, Secure Payments

Deel offers fast, secure payments through their global banking network. Contractors and employees can get paid in their local currency via wire transfer, ACH, or debit card. Funds are transferred directly to recipients’ bank accounts with no middlemen.

Integrations and Reporting

Deel integrates with top business tools like Slack, BambooHR, and Xero to streamline workflows. Their dashboard provides overview reporting and insights into pay, taxes, compliance, and more. Deel gives companies full visibility and control over their global workforce.

With expertise in over 150 countries, secure and fast payments, and an easy-to-use platform, Deel provides an all-in-one solution for companies hiring internationally. By eliminating barriers like setting up local entities and staying compliant, Deel makes it simple to find and pay top talent around the world.

How Deel Simplifies Global Payroll

Comprehensive Platform

Deel offers businesses a centralized platform to manage global payroll in an efficient manner. Their system handles payroll, taxes, benefits, and compliance for companies hiring international employees and contractors. Deel’s expertise in global payroll requirements eliminates the need for businesses to set up local entities in different countries.

Localized Expertise

Deel has local payroll and compliance experts in over 140 countries. These experts ensure Deel understands the nuances of local labor laws and regulations. Deel then builds this knowledge into their platform so companies can hire and pay workers globally while avoiding compliance issues. Deel’s localized expertise provides companies peace of mind that they are meeting all local requirements.

Simplified Process

Deel simplifies the entire global hiring and payroll process for businesses. Employers can onboard new international hires via Deel’s digital platform in minutes. Deel collects the necessary personal information and tax documents to set up payments and ensure compliance. Deel then automatically calculates taxes, benefits, and deductions for each employee based on their work location. Deel deposits pay directly to employees and files all local tax forms on the businesses’ behalf.

Cost Effective Solution

Deel’s global payroll solutions save companies time and money. Deel charges a flat monthly fee for their platform and payroll services regardless of the number of countries or employees. This fee covers Deel managing the entire payroll process and acting as the company’s local compliance partner in each country. Deel’s affordable model provides companies global expertise without heavy investment or administrative burden.

Through their centralized platform, localized knowledge, simplified process, and cost effective solution, Deel makes global payroll and hiring accessible for companies of all sizes. Deel’s innovative approach is transforming how businesses expand internationally and build globally distributed teams.

Key Features of Deel’s Payroll Platform

Deel’s payroll and compliance platform provides several key features that allow companies to hire and pay international contractors and employees efficiently.

Automated Onboarding

Deel automates the onboarding process for international hires. The platform handles employment contracts, tax forms, and payment setup to get new hires paid quickly. This reduces the administrative burden on companies and allows new hires to start work right away.

Local Payments

Deel facilitates payments in over 120 currencies to 190 countries through local bank transfers and eWallets. This allows companies to pay international workers and contractors in their local currency via their preferred payment method. Deel handles currency exchange and international wire transfers to streamline the payments process for businesses.


Deel ensures companies remain compliant with local labor laws in over 150 countries. The platform provides legally vetted employment contracts that are customized to local regulations. Deel also automates tax withholdings, filings, and reporting to keep companies compliant. This reduces the risk of penalties and legal issues when hiring internationally.

Reporting and Reconciliation

Deel provides detailed reporting and reconciliation features to give companies visibility into their international payroll. Companies can view reports on payments issued, taxes withheld and paid, currency exchanges, and more. Deel also reconciles payments and taxes to provide an auditable record of international payroll transactions. This helps companies monitor costs and stay compliant when hiring abroad.

In summary, Deel’s payroll and compliance platform aims to simplify the process of hiring and paying international workers. By automating onboarding, facilitating local payments, ensuring compliance, and providing robust reporting features, Deel allows companies to hire the best global talent without the administrative hassle. With its comprehensive solution, Deel has experienced rapid growth and success in enabling companies to build distributed global teams.

How to Get Paid Through Deel

Deel provides a streamlined process for companies to pay their global contractors and employees.### Creating an Account To get started, contractors and employees must create an account on Deel’s platform. This involves entering personal information like name, address, tax details and bank account information. Deel uses this information to handle payments, taxes, and compliance on the user’s behalf.

Connecting with an Employer

Once an account is created, users can connect with companies that use Deel for payroll. After a company hires a contractor or employee, they send an invite through Deel to officially bring them onboard. Users must accept the invite, which establishes the connection between employer and employee on Deel’s platform.

Submitting Timesheets and Invoices

Deel allows contractors and employees to submit timesheets or invoices for the work they complete. This is done through Deel’s web portal or mobile app. Employees enter the hours worked, while contractors submit the details of their invoice. Submissions are sent to the employer for approval.

Getting Paid

After an employer approves a timesheet or invoice, Deel initiates the payment process. Payments are deposited directly into the contractor or employee’s bank account according to their specified pay schedule (e.g. weekly, biweekly, monthly). Deel handles all compliance and taxes on payments before funds are disbursed. They also provide detailed pay stubs for each payment issued.

Deel aims to simplify global payroll and payments. By using their platform, companies can pay international employees and contractors in a compliant, streamlined fashion. And for those getting paid, Deel provides a straightforward system to get compensated for work while remaining compliant with local laws. Overall, Deel’s solutions facilitate efficient and legally compliant global payroll at scale.

Deel Payout Methods and Timelines

Deel offers its clients several secure payment methods to choose from when paying international contractors and employees. The payout methods include wire transfers, direct deposits, PayPal, cryptocurrency, and debit cards. ###Wire Transfers Wire transfers are electronic payments directly deposited into the recipient’s bank account. Funds can be available within 1-3 business days, depending on the recipient’s bank. This payment method is a popular choice for larger payments or payroll. Deel charges a flat $30 wire transfer fee for payments under $5000 USD. For payments over $5000 USD, the fee is 0.6% of the total payment amount.

Direct Deposits

Direct deposits allow funds to be automatically deposited into the recipient’s bank account. The funds are typically available within 3-5 business days. This payment method is convenient and helps ensure payments are received on time. There are no fees for direct deposit payments through Deel.


PayPal is a popular digital wallet that allows fast and secure money transfers between individuals and businesses. Funds paid out via PayPal are typically available instantly. Deel charges a 2% fee for PayPal payouts, with a minimum fee of $1 USD per transaction.


Deel offers the option to pay contractors and employees via cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USD Coin. Cryptocurrency payments provide an alternative for those without access to traditional banking. Fees for cryptocurrency payments range from 1-3% of the total payment amount, depending on market rates.

In summary, Deel provides clients with flexible payout methods to meet the diverse needs of global teams. With options like wire transfers, direct deposits, PayPal, and cryptocurrency, funds can be available within 1-5 business days, or instantly in some cases. By charging competitive fees for each payout method, Deel makes global hiring and payments accessible for companies of all sizes.

Deel’s Impressive Growth and Funding

Deel has experienced rapid growth since its founding in 2018. The company has raised over $170 million in funding over five rounds.### Series A Funding In 2019, Deel raised $30 million in Series A funding led by Andreessen Horowitz, with participation from Vertex Ventures, Y Combinator, and other angel investors. Andreessen Horowitz general partner David Ulevitch said Deel was “building the infrastructure for companies to hire anyone, anywhere in the world with ease.”

Series B and C Funding

Deel raised $50 million in Series B funding in 2020, led by Spark Capital with participation from Andreessen Horowitz and others. The company raised another $50 million in Series C funding in 2021, led by Coatue Management. Deel CEO Alex Bouaziz said the funding would help Deel expand into more countries and verticals.

Recent Funding and Growth

In 2022, Deel raised $50 million in Series D funding led by Alkeon Capital, valuing the company at $1.25 billion. Deel now employs over 2,000 people across four continents and over 70 countries. The company is expanding beyond payroll and compliance into adjacent areas like benefits, perks, and hiring tools.

Deel’s impressive growth and funding demonstrate the strong demand for streamlining global hiring and payments. The company’s end-to-end solution helps businesses around the world onboard and pay international employees and contractors compliantly and efficiently. With additional funding and global expansion, Deel is well positioned to further transform the global hiring and payments process.

Deel’s Global Payroll Compliance

Deel aims to simplify global payroll and payments by ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations. As Deel has expanded into over 150 countries, navigating the complex web of international payroll laws has been crucial to their success.

Local Entity Establishment

For many countries, Deel must establish a local legal entity to process payroll and payments legally. Deel establishes subsidiaries, branches, or partnerships in countries based on legal requirements and operational needs. By setting up dedicated local entities, Deel can provide localized services that meet all compliance standards.

Licensing and Registration

Deel obtains proper business licenses or registrations in every country they operate in. They register as an employer of record for payroll services or as a payment institution for contractor payouts. Proper licensing and registration allow Deel to legally hire employees, process payroll, and distribute payments in each country.

Taxation and Withholding

Deel’s automated payroll software automatically calculates taxes, deductions, and withholdings for every country and locality. Their software stays up-to-date with the latest tax rates and rules to ensure full compliance. Deel also files necessary tax returns and withholding reports on behalf of their clients. By managing complex international tax requirements, Deel simplifies global payroll for their clients.

Reporting and Compliance

Deel monitors legal and regulatory changes across the globe to maintain compliance in all countries they service. Their legal and compliance teams interpret local laws and implement any necessary changes to Deel’s systems and processes. Deel also provides compliance reports and documentation to clients to give them peace of mind that their international payroll and payments are fully compliant with all laws.

Deel’s commitment to global compliance allows companies to hire and pay international talent with confidence. By establishing local entities, obtaining proper licensing, withholding taxes accurately, and staying up-to-date with reporting requirements, Deel handles the complexity of cross-border payroll so their clients can focus on their mission. With Deel as their partner, companies have a trusted solution for compliant global hiring and payments.

Deel’s Team and Company Culture

Deel values building a team of intelligent, humble, and hardworking individuals. The company emphasizes collaboration and leveraging team members’ unique cultural backgrounds to enrich the team. Deel’s focus on efficiency, effectiveness, and disruptive strategic leadership shapes its company culture.

Deel team members are selected based on their ability to work well with others. The company believes that cooperation and shared experiences strengthen the team. Deel aims to hire individuals with diverse experiences and perspectives. Cultural diversity is seen as essential for creative problem-solving.

Career opportunities at Deel abound due to the company’s rapid growth. Deel’s success depends on its team members, so the company invests heavily in skills training and professional development. Deel also promotes from within, offering clear career paths. This allows team members to advance into leadership roles.

Deel’s team values work-life balance. The company offers generous paid time off and flexible work schedules. Deel also provides team members opportunities to connect outside of work by organizing team-building events and social activities. These initiatives strengthen relationships and boost morale and productivity.

In summary, Deel has built a collaborative company culture that leverages diversity, cultivates talent, and promotes work-life balance. This winning combination has fueled Deel’s success as a leader in global payroll and compliance solutions. Deel’s team-centric values and innovative spirit will drive continued growth and industry disruption.


In just a few short years, Deel has risen to success by providing invaluable payroll and compliance solutions for companies with distributed, global workforces. With headquarters in San Francisco and over 2,000 employees worldwide, Deel simplifies payments and hiring across borders. Their user-friendly platform handles everything from onboarding international team members to ensuring regulatory compliance. As the future of work trends increasingly remote, Deel’s growth trajectory seems poised to continue. Their innovative tools empower organizations to build diverse, talented teams unconstrained by geography. For companies seeking to thrive in a globalized era, Deel presents a compelling solution.

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